43qBhfk5Kathryn Steele is an illustrator based out of Indiana, specializing in fantasy art and character design. She has a Masters in Media Arts and Science with a focus in Game Theory and has taught at the post-secondary level in Character & Objects Design and Digital Painting. Kathryn has worked for clients such as Paizo Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, and Upper Deck to name a few.


John Wick Presents – 7th Sea | Paizo Publishing – Pathfinder | Upper Deck – Dread Draw, X-Men Ultra Fleer| Fantasy Flight Games – Legend of the 5 Rings, Netrunner | Cryptozoic – HEX | Loneshark Games – Apocrypha | VF Publishing | Holon Publishing | Steele Games – Windfall | Kobold Press | and more




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